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Many people are considering switching their car or vehicle to bio fuels. There are quality fuels out there, which do not require modifications to your engine. There is, however, some concern that environmentally beneficial forests will be destroyed to make way for crops, which are the raw material for these fuels, so opinion is divided over just how ecofriendly bio fuel is. As the debate rumbles on, watch this space!
For those more adventurous, a diesel engine may be modified to run on common vegetable oil, but a converted vehicle will not meet any recognised safety standards. The modification could damage your engine and will almost certainly invalidate your warranty.
Petrol engines cannot be modified to run off vegetable oil. Our advice: don't try this at home!
Biofuels are combustible liquid fuels derived from vegetable matter or crops, such as rapeseed or soy. They produce virtually no harmful emissions, however there are a number of important cons:
• Biofuels require a large amount of energy to grow, harvest and transport.

• The more arable land is used to grow biofuel crops, less land is available to grow food supplies, contributing to the world-wide food crisis

• It is feared that increased biofuel production will lead to more chemical pollution in the shape of pesticides and herbicides

• It is also a concern that increased biofuel production will place more strain on the world's limited water resources.

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