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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

What is carbon offsetting? The subject is much talked about, but few seem to know what it really entails. The concept of carbon offsetting is as follows: every time you do something that will produce a lot of CO2 emissions, like jetting off on your holidays for example, you pay into a fund that finances positive eco products that help to reduce worldwide CO2 levels, such as replacing diesel generators in developing countries with solar powered ones, or installing wind turbines. The intention is that you will neutralise your impact on worldwide emissions.
However, this is also one critism of offsetting: the overall effect is neutral. Ideally therefore, in addition to offsetting, individuals and governments should be aiming to actively reduce the amount of carbon they produce.
Some popular offsetting schemes include:
Carbon Offsets Ltd
The introduction of government standards has done a lot to allay people’s uncertainty (not to mention downright suspicion!), as only schemes that can prove that the emission reduction that has been paid for will receive the mark of approval.
Our advice: only use schemes with the government mark of approval

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Carbon Offsetting
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