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Eco Friendly Shopping

Eco Friendly Shopping

We all love to shop, but here is a quick guide to how we can shop to our hearts content with a clear conscience:
Buy local produce. This reduces the energy used to transport the goods to the shelf and resulting emissions.
Eat seasonally. Even local produce can be harmful to the environment if lots of energy was used to cultivate the crop, for example, to heat a greenhouse in Scotland in the middle of winter.
Get food delivered. This may sound illogical at first, and it's true that the lorry or van used to deliver your produce will produce 5 times more carbon dioxide than your car. However, the aforementioned lorry or van can carry on average the equivalent amount of shopping to 1000 journeys in a regular car!(see below for details)
Make fewer trips in the car. This one sounds obvious, but it is still estimated that a quarter of all car journeys are less than 2 miles. Try walking.
Make use of an organic box scheme (see below for details), as they will usually make every effort to ensure they are as environmentally sound as possible. Although do quiz them about their green credentials before signing up.

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Eco Friendly Shopping
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