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Green Energy Tariffs

Green Energy Tariffs

If you live in the UK you are almost certainly already supporting the green energy industry. All UK electricity suppliers are bound by law to buy a small amount of renewable power, generated by solar panels, wind turbines, tidal power or another green energy source. Therefore a small part of your electricity bill goes to support our fledgling green energy industries.
However, you can further encourage green electricity from sources that emit low or no carbon dioxide by adopting 'Green Source Tariffs'. These ensure that each unit of electricity you use is matched by one bought from a generator using a renewable source.
Current market leaders include:
EDF Energy
Good Energy
Green Energy
Further more, your motive for switching need not be purely ethical either. It has been estimated that switching can cut an average bill by almost £35 a year. It is thought that the only reason more people have not taken advantage, is a certain amount of confusion over what Green tariffs do and how they benefit the environment.
For more information contact ENERGYWATCH on 0845 9060 708 for more information.
There has been recent concern over green energy tariffs, as demand has quite clearly outstripped supply. 200,000 households already have green energy tariffs, and two thirds of people, when polled, would be interested.
And yet the minimum Renewables Obligation target set for energy providers by government is 7.9%, and it is estimated that overall only 4 or 5% of supply comes from renewable sources. Not surprisingly, this has left many consumers feeling cheated.
Our advice though is to stick with these schemes, as regulation will make them more transparent and the overwhelming demand of consumers for these schemes will undoubtably hasten the move by big energy suppliers to renewable sources and green technology.

For more information about green energy generation and in particular tidal energy, visit the tidal energy website.

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Green Energy Tariffs
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