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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines are obviously a source of renewable energy, as the wind will not run out!
Wind Turbines, the mechanism for harnessing the power of wind to generate power, have been with us for centuries in the shape of wind mills. However, for a long time, the installation of wind turbines to generate electricity has been seen as a large scale engineering project, limited to commercial wind farms or businesses with huge industrial complexes like sea ports. However, as their use at a domestic level increases the price is coming right down and companies like B&Q now offer a 1.2kW wind Turbine to domestic users for around £2000.
In priciple, the concept of micro generation is one that we would support wholeheartedly, however We would advise that you get an independant expert opinion or survey before installing a wind turbine, to check just how much electricty you would generate. It may turn out that, environmentally speaking, your money might be better spent improving the insulation in your home or another slightly less exciting solution. We would advise the same, if your decision is an economic one (ie you want to save money), as in some cases it has been estimated that a wind turbine would only pay for itself after some 200 or more years!
However it could certainly be a fantastic addition your household if you live in a windy area.

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Wind Turbines
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