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Are you looking to invest your money in eco friendly projects and make a return? Ethical bank Triodos is offering people the chance to become shareholders in Triodos Renewables. Triodos Renewables is a public limited company launched thirteen years ago (under the name 'the Wind Fund').
The company plans to use the money raised to double the amount of green electricity it produces in the next two to three years. It is issuing up to 5.5m new shares at £1.65 per share.
The minimum investment is £825 (500 shares) and its estimated that an investment of £2,970 will produce renewable energy output equivalent to the average person's annual carbon footprint.

Triodos Renewables invests in:
• Small and medium-sized wind farms
• Hydroelectric schemes
• Emerging renewable energy technology companies in the UK.

Triodos Renewables owns or has a stake in the following:
• Two wind farms (Caton Moor in Lancashire and Haverigg II in Cumbria)
• Two single turbines (Gulliver in Lowestoft, Suffolk and Sigurd in the Orkney Islands)
• Beochlich hydroelectric project in Argyll, Scotland
• Marine Current Turbines (a tidal energy company whose first commercial turbine will begin operating off the coast of Northern Ireland later this year
• Connective Energy (developing ways to capture and re-use waste heat from industry)

Call 0845 478 6361 for a share issue prospectus.

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Eco Friendly Investments
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