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Kit-of-Parts Eco Friendly House Construction

Kit-of-Parts Eco Friendly House Construction
Project Frog are a San Francisco construction company who utilise an easy to assemble kit-of-parts to construct eco friendly homes and buildings. Thanks to the high-tech fabrication process of the kit of components, Frog buildings are easy to install and are delivered on time and on budget.
What's more, this approach leads to greener buildings. Project Frog's pre-engineered kit has been thoughtfully designed with measurable environmental performance in mind. As a result Frog buildings meet the most stringent green certification criteria, including LEED. The buildings generate 1/6 the on-site waste of traditionally designed and constructed buildings and their suppliers recycle almost all excess materials back into their manufacturing process. They use environmentally responsible materials made from recycled, renewable, and re-used content. High quality products are integrated to reduce their carbon footprint and save resources like water and energy.
In fact, a life cycle assessment shows that for a 50-year building lifetime, a net zero energy Frog causes approximately 87% less fossil fuel use, 85% less climate change, 82% less air pollution, and 73% less water pollution than a comparable average building with average energy use. If an existing building like that were torn down and replaced with a net zero energy Frog building, the Frog building would achieve carbon payback in just 6.5 years.
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Kit-of-Parts Eco Friendly House Construction
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