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Zero Carbon Homes

Zero Carbon Homes Defined
Environmentalists and construction firms have been debating how to define zero carbon homes for some time now. Environmentalists generally want each house to be zero carbon, while the housebuilders generally argue that this could be too expensive and impracticable, and they should have the flexibility to invest in offshore wind farms, for example, as part of their commitment to renewable energy on their developments.
The UK Green Building Council (GBC) has come down in favour of the environmentalists definition, with all houses being zero carbon, albeit with some provision for district heating schemes or housebuilders could, in certain circumstances, pay into a community energy pot to fund local projects. This definition will allow for a single combined heat and power (CHP) plant to power several adjacent homes.
Potentially zero-carbon homes should be so well insulated they would require a minimum of heating. They would have appliances consuming tiny quantities of electricity to be provided by solar photovoltaic panels or local CHP plants.
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Zero Carbon Homes
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