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Floating Wind Turbines

Floating Wind Turbines
A number of companies including British based Blue H are competing to develop the world's first floating wind turbines. These turbines benefit from more powerful winds out at sea yet avoid many of the issues that afflict existing wind farms.
Floating wind farms are potentially more economical than fixed wind turbines as they avoid the cost of constructing fixed foundations in the seabed. They could also circumvent problems with planning, as well as having less impact on shipping, military radar and coastal seabird populations.
Other proposed non-permanent maritime wind turbine solutions currently being developed including Hywind, where conventional turbines fixed to a concrete buoy, anchored to the sea bed with three cables, and the Sway turbine - an elongated floating mast, the bulk of which sits below the water, connected to the seabed by a metal tube.
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Floating Wind Turbines
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