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Eco Friendly Plastic

Eco Friendly Plastic
Many products are made using petroleum-based chemicals, with up to a quarter of the oil consumed in some regions of the United States going into petrochemical production. However, a number of new eco businesses are working to develop green chemicals that take the petro out of petrochemicals and eliminate the environmental damage from manufacturing industrial chemicals.
Genomatica, based in San Diego, USA, have developed a eco friendly version of a chemical compound called 1,4?butanediol, or BDO (used in the production of wheels, training shoes, golf balls, and other products).
Genomatica scientists have bioengineered a microorganism that eats water and sugar and spits out BDO, eliminating hydrocarbons, in favour of less damaging carbohydrates. Genomatica has also bioengineered a benign version of an industrial solvent called methyl ethyl ketone, or MEK.
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Eco Friendly Plastic
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