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Super Cycleways in London

Ambitious plans to create super cycleways across the UK's capital city, London, are at an advanced stage. The initial cycleways are to link major residential areas like Hackney, Clapham and Kilburn to London's city centre. Local government has set itself a target to increase cycling in the capital by 400 per cent by 2025.
The investment in cycling infrastructure is necessary if the government is serious about getting people to use cars less as it's estimated that a drop of 5 per cent of car trips could increase the number of cycle trips by 1.7 million.
The super cycleway scheme will coincide with the introduction of bike hire schemes, free for short journeys for those who have signed up to the scheme.
The cycle network scheme, if successful, is to be rolled out to out lying suburban town centres such as Richmond and Croydon.
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Super Cycleways in London
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