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Distributed Solar Power

Distributed Solar Power
Many larger solar farms projects throughout the world have been slowed by the realities of planning and politics. So instead of waiting around for the power output from these plants to become available, utilities are increasingly turning to smaller, more flexible 'distributed' solar farms that can be quickly and easily constructed close to power lines or on rooftops.
For example, in California, USA, over the period of a few weeks, around 1,300 megawatts of distributed solar deals and initiatives have been announced or approved. At peak output that represents the equivalent of a big nuclear power plant.
Regulators approved utility Southern California Edison's program to install solar panels on commercial rooftops cabable of generating 500 megawatts, and Pacific Gas and Electric's plan for a 500-megawatt project to install ground-mounted photovoltaic arrays near electrical substations and urban areas.
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Distributed Solar Power
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