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Eco Friendly Homes show

Eco Friendly Homes showcase at Grand Designs Live London
These are a selection of the eco-friendly homes on show at the Grand Designs Live London, which ran from May 3-11.
1. Eco Pod
Eco Pod build environmentally friendly pods which achieve a zero carbon rating with minimal impact on the environment. The pods utilise green technology such as wind power, photovoltaic cells, solar water heating, efficient insulation and hot-air recovery, cutting energy requirements and heating costs by up to 90 per cent, producing virtually zero CO2 emissions. And it looks fun!
2. The Grand Village
The grand village consisted of four houses situated just outside ExCeL in London.
3. No 1 Lower Carbon Drive
No.1 Lower Carbon Drive is a life-size building, modelled after a typical, pre-war London terrace house. The exhibit demonstrates ways in which we can tackle climate change. It is divided into six different zones focused on energy, ventilation, appliances, water, recycling and insulation. It is part of the green homes service launched by the London Development Agency.
4. The Log House
The Log House Company Ltd, built this traditional eco friendly home from sustainable Douglas fir trees, from managed woodland in Suffolk. Manufactured by the first company in the UK to comply with new building regulations for residential buildings, the log house is both pretty to look at and environmentally friendly.
5. The Clear Glass House
Eco Friendly company, Clear Glass Structures has developed a sustainable, easy-to-construct glass pod. The double-glazed panels can be assembled without the need for planning permission, making it a suitable modern garden office or summerhouse. The glass house comes in three sizes with a self-levelling base and living roof.
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Eco Friendly Homes show
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