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Barratt Eco Friendly House

From 2016 onwards, UK house builders will be forced by government legislation to build only zero-carbon eco friendly houses. Pictured above is Barratt Developments' zero-carbon house. According to Barratt (one of the UK's biggest house builders) it is the UK's first zero-carbon house built by a volume house builder. The new home achieves code level 6, which is the top grade, awarded to competely zero-carbon homes.

Features :
1. Rooftop planting with rainwater harvesting system collects water for use in flushing toilets
2. Automatic shutters slide across the windows to prevent the house getting too hot in the summer
3. Heat Exchanger recycles heat from stale air
4. Interactive controls
5. Automatic controls
6. Solar panels. Photovoltaic cells power air-source heat pump, while solar thermal panels generate hot water
7. Controlled Ventilation
8. Super Insulation
9. Insulated Floors
10. Triple Glazing

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Barratt Eco Friendly House
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