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Prefab Eco Friendly House

This prefab house was assembled in Cedeira, Spain, by Madrid firm MYCC in just 3 days!.

The roof and the side facades were covered with VirocĀ®, a prefabricated mixture of cement and wood shavings that has a great strength efficiency in spite of being light and, therefore, is easy to maintain and move.

The house is a mixture of modular three dimensional components for the ground floor and prefabricated trusses for the attic. The exterior walls are composed of a three inch thick aluminum and polyurethane sandwich panel with rock wool added to the interior.

The prefab house was assembled in the factory to check the construction, disassembled and shipped to the site and reassembled in three days, with about two weeks of final fitting.

The prefab house has high standards of energy efficiency with the speedy construction minimising emissions and making good use of limited resources available.

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Prefab Eco Friendly House
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